The Revolution Has Begun!

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Yes, the revolution has begun. Not a shot has been fired nor has anybody been wounded or killed. Nonetheless the revolution has begun. What revolution you may ask? The one that is occurring in the business sector right now. Small businesses are starting at an ever-increasing rate. Soon small businesses will be responsible for generating more profits than the large corporations. I find this very exciting. The people are taking back the playing field and by shear numbers leveling it.

First a little background. A couple of hundred years ago before the industrial revolution most people supported themselves by growing their own food and producing an item such as shoes, cloth, or some other commodity in their cottage or in a small shed out back. They spent time with their family, raised a couple of goats and/or a cow and some chickens. They ate fairly well and made a few coins selling or trading the goods they produced. A product that they took great pride in. They were craftsman plying their trade. These were the first small business owners.

Enter the clock. Yes, contrary to popular belief, the industrial revolution started with the clock. It was the ability to mark time and record it that made it possible for the elites to herd the then small businesses owners into factories so they could take advantage of their talents and abilities. By confining them in factories that were later powered by water and steam they could of course increase their efficiency and productivity. They could also exploit their labor with the promise of steady employment and security.

Fast forward to now. Large corporations employing thousands are now laying-off thousands of workers. For the last couple of hundred years most of us have become accustomed to going to a place to work with others. Today it could be an office or factory. Over the years benefits have been added and a higher life-style made available to the common man. All that has changed in a matter of a few short years. Now its almost unheard of to work somewhere for thirty years and retire with an adequate pension. Most will now change jobs at least three to four times during their working career.

What has begun to happen is that a lot of us are fed up with being laid off periodically due to a down turn in the economy. Hard working, talented individuals have been cast out into the streets with no hope of finding employment just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many are saying enough is enough. They are tired of being a pawn in big business’ shell game. Many have decided to start their own small business and take control of their futures. They’ve decided to stop depending on and trusting some corporate head to make sure they have a secure future. Instead they are taking the bull by the horns and taking charge. Hence the new revolution in business.

My friend Bill Ellison retired as plant manager of a paint manufacturer a few years ago in Wichita, KS. Looking for something to do part time he volunteered for the local SCORE chapter. SCORE is a non-profit organization that mentors new small business owners and helps them become successful. Bill has noticed a huge increase in new small business start-ups. However many are painfully unaware of how to market and advertise themselves. As with all revolutions there’s a learning curve along the way. Starting a small business is more complicated today than it was so many years ago. It’s much more than just saying you’re in business and hanging out a sign. Just opening the doors is a big process with all the regulations. With all the competition it’s now more important than ever that small businesses get their story told and told a lot and loudly. That’s where marketing and advertising come in.

Most small businesses don’t have a budget to hire a large agency to do their marketing and advertising. They often struggle along trying to do their best with what they can figure out. Fortunately there are small business owners who do just that. They are very talented individuals who can provide a wide variety of services for small businesses from a full advertising campaign to a direct mail piece. They are freelance graphic designers, copy-writers, media buyers, marketing experts, illustrators, web designers, IT professionals…the list goes on and on. Each is a well-trained, dedicated small business owner who will gladly talk to small business owners about their marketing and advertising needs. I am such an individual. I call myself a Creative Project Manager. I can help you design and execute a brochure or a complete campaign all at a very reasonable cost, far lower in cost than a big agency because I don’t have the fancy office and large overhead. You, the small business owner, reap the savings while getting good personal service.

Let me know if I can be of help. I can be reached at 913-677-7060 or by email at: Give me a call and let’s get together and talk the first visit is always free. Now, let the revolution begin!


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