But Don’t Call Me Johnson

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A few years back there was a comedian that had a routine about calling him by a certain name. “Well, you can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay or you can call me R.J. or Ray Jay…” On and on it would go. If you don’t remember the routine it basically was about being called anything but Johnson.

So what’s in a name? We all have a first and last name and most of us have a middle name. Some of us have hyphenated last names and others have four or five names because of their cultural or religious traditions. That’s not the name I’m talking about. I’m talking about what might define your profession. Janitor is no longer used and has been replaced by sanitary engineer. It sounds more sophisticated I guess. Salespeople have become account managers or executives. The same goes with the freelance industry.

It seems we all have to reinvent ourselves once in a while. Web designers are web engineers although no whistles or tracks are involved. Graphic designers used to be commercial artists to distinguish them from the starving kind and on it goes. Copywriters can be called a variety of names to define what they do. I’ve decided that now it’s my turn to redefine myself and give my vocation a new name.

Enter the Creative Project Manager. Sounds catchy don’t it. Attention grabbing, self-esteem elevating and all that. Yet I chose this name because it does have substance. You see I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator by craft but I bring so much more to the table. I have a passion to work with visionary small businesses that need help telling their story so they can increase their sales and by that their profits. I want to help with more than just making their ads, brochures, and signs look good, I want to be a part of their overall success as well. I want to be able to say, after crafting a great campaign with a team of creative minds, I was part of increasing my client’s exposure in the market place. So I settled on the name Creative Project Manager.

So just what is a CPM? Besides being a great attention grabbing, self esteem elevating catchy name? Here’s the short version. Most small to medium sized businesses do not have the cash flow to hire a traditional agency, nor for that matter do they have the resources to hire in-house talent. That’s where I come in. As a CPM, I pull together a team of creative minds to solve their marketing problems. First, I counsel with the small business owner, I ask a lot of questions about his operation and his products, I look at his competition and what they are doing and then I suggest a plan of action. This plan will be custom tailored to his specific needs. Those needs may include the use of a copywriter, a web designer, a media buyer, or various other disciplines. With this plan I will suggest individuals who I think will be a great fit for the project. Once the business owner agrees with the plan and gives the go ahead, I’ll pull the final team together, give them their assignments and set deadlines. During the creative process I will oversee the progress and direct the project.

Now here’s the great part. The small business owner will pay each individual freelancer directly. Once the project is done there is no more cost until the teams needed for the next project. The freelance creative team will be far less expensive than a big agency with no retainer or ongoing monthly fee unless the business owner wishes it. I will be paid just like the others. Once my role is completed there is no further cost till the next project to manage. It’s as simple as that. Just like turning faucet on or off.

I guess you could call me a freelance creative director, an on-call talent herder, or to use construction lingo a creative superintendent. I just think Creative Project Manager is cooler. So that’s what you’ll find on my business card.

Next time I’ll discuss niche marketing and how it’s working for a friend of mine in Wichita.

By the way, if you are a visionary small to medium sized business that needs help telling your story to the world, I’m your man. Call me anything you like, just don’t call me late for dinner. My contact info is:

Michael Irvin
Creative Project Manager
913.677.7060 cell: 913.530.7030


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