Are You Comfortable With Your Comfort Zone?

July 27, 2009 at 2:38 pm 1 comment

They say you can’t teach “an old dog new tricks.” Believe me you take a dog who has been a pet all its life and dump it out in the woods somewhere it will learn a lot of new tricks real quick, like how to feed itself and how to find its way back home. No matter how old the dog is the Dog Whisperer has proven they can learn new tricks or skill sets. How much better then can we learn no matter what our age.

My life has constantly been a serious of seeking a comfort zone and before I could achieve it being taken down a new path due to outside influences such as the economy. I’ve come to the belief now that I’m not meant to be in a comfort zone and here’s why: “Shallow minds run in deep ruts.” It’s a phrase I’ve tried to live by. By being in a comfort zone one becomes complacent and stops using his mind to problem solve. After all there’s no real reason to as the comfort zone is a nice safe place to be. It doesn’t require anything from you until some unseen force such as the economy bumps you out of it.

Because of my experience I have come to understand that its better to live outside the comfort zone, constantly trying new things and going in new directions under my control rather than waiting in the comfort zone to be bumped out unwillingly. Having an eight to five job can do that for you. One day you have job security, the boss likes you, you have a 401K, long coffee breaks and a not too demanding list of responsibilities. Then one day you’re called into the office and “BOOM” you’re out on the street totally outside your comfort zone. You haven’t been increasing your abilities, stretching yourself, pushing yourself or causing yourself any pain. It’s all been easy street. Go to work, dabble at work for awhile take a break, then lunch, then a break, then go home and play with the kids or plan that next cruise. Great gig if you can keep it.

Fortunately this country has been built on productivity. It’s the unseen force that motivates our economy. It’s almost a Karma thing, the more you put in the more you get out. However, this time too many people achieved their comfort zone, got into their rut and before long our major industries where going over seas to people who were not in comfort zones. Lean, mean and hungry people who were willing to do anything to have food on the table much less a comfort zone to come home to.

Now many of us, including myself, find ourselves scrambling to learn new skills and develop latent talents to make ourselves marketable and competitive. Jobs and projects are not just falling off the trees like in days gone by. Clients aren’t banging down our doors to get our services. Money is tight and getting tighter. So how can you get your share of it?

GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! If you need skills go back to school, take some online courses, read some books. If you need motivation get a life coach, read some motivational books and start networking with others. If you need clients start making more cold calls, think of ways to expand your network. Do some research and find out what the other guy isn’t doing for his customers so you can. Now’s the time to take out your brain, dust it off, and use it for its intended purpose. Don’t waste it on mourning the loss of your comfort zone.

There are many studies out there that over the years have proven that people live longer when they don’t retire but keep active. Problem solving is key to forestalling Alzheimer’s disease. Staying vibrant and challenged is key to enjoying life and giving back. Retreating to your comfort zone is just a waste of a powerful resource, you! This economy needs innovators, thinkers, problem solvers, inventors, tinkerers, people who look at problems and see challenges, not reasons to sit in front of the TV or relax on a cruise. We need people who are willing to look at things with fresh eyes and come up with new ways of doing things. We need desperately as a nation to get out of our comfort zone.

Let’s take this opportunity the economy has handed us and start more small businesses, invent new technologies and get out of our comfort zone and into an exciting new phase. Let’s call it the New America. Let’s enter into a phase that has active problem solvers not gamers. A vital New America that possesses a productive vibrant population that faces its challenges and rejects comfort zones. A New America with a populace that faces its fears with courage and strength drawn from its own talents and abilities. We can look at these days as opportunity or we can fear them, the choice is ours individually but the end result will affect us all. As Benjamin Franklin put it, “We can hang together, or we most assuredly will hang separately.” Now more than ever is the time to get out of our comfort zone and celebrate our freedom.

Come back next week and I’ll discuss further what I mean by, “Small minds run in deep ruts.”

If you find yourself outside your comfort zone and need help telling the world your story, I’m your man. Let’s get together and discuss the possibilities and potential your business is waiting for you to unleash. Once you do you’ll never want to climb into that comfort zone again. My contact info is:

Michael Irvin
Creative Project Manager
913.677.7060 cell: 913.530.7030


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  • 1. Tim Whitmore  |  July 27, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    I love your blog. Please keep them
    comming. I need to stay uncomfortable.



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