The Key to the Creative Process is Partnership

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Many a small businessperson is befuddled by the mind of a creative person. They just don’t get where all those ideas come from. Most creative people have their own distinct process that they use to come up with ideas. Some listen to music to get inspiration, others look through design magazines. Still others are inspired by nature or get their flash of insight over a good taco. It doesn’t matter. Good creative is good creative no matter how it’s inspired or by what process it’s achieved.

The key to getting and benefiting from the creative process as a small businessperson is partnership. When you go to the doctor you trust that he knows what he is doing. That he has the schooling and experience to do what is needed to keep you healthy. You partner with him for the sake of your own good health. If he suggests you exercise, you listen and take the advice seriously. The same goes for your relationship with your creative talent. Whether you use an agency or the less expensive and just as talented alternative, freelance creative, you must trust that they have the expertise and education to do good work. If not you need to find someone who can and does.

When you partner with your creative talent you are basically saying, “I know my business and product(s) inside out. You know how to make products and services sell. I will tell you all that I know and I will expect you to be honest and give me your best.” Just like taking a business partner on, you must trust this person with your business. Second guessing he/she is demoralizing and leads to a less than stellar relationship. I’ve seen many a creative/client relationship turn sour just because there wasn’t any trust and respect for what each brought to the table.

Creatives need to understand that the street goes both ways. If you don’t trust your client to know his business or second guess him because you think you know better, you will not give him your best. You may win awards but will you increase his bottom line? After all that’s what he’s hired you for.

A partnership isn’t short term. Once you have found a good creative person stay with them. Over time the two of you will come to know how each of you works and thinks. This is key to the creative process. If you as the client are always looking for a cheaper creative person and hop from one to another your marketing will suffer. Your brand will become diluted with too many fingers in the mix and you’ll spend more money in the long run.

Developing a good solid partnership with either a creative talent or team of creatives is essential to marketing your business successfully. Choose wisely, trust your decision and then trust the person(s) you’ve chosen to work with. Remember not everyone can be a good designer just as not everyone can run a successful small business. Just because your nephew has a computer and knows how to work Photoshop, doesn’t mean he knows how to design.

Next week’s topic: Selling the sizzle not the steak. It’s a good thing to oversell in this economy? Has marketing changed to a point that overselling is bad? Read next weeks blog and I’ll explore this topic.

It’s very hard to cover completely the creative process in a short article. I’ve just touched on one if not the key factor in the creative process. If you still have questions give me a call and I will gladly answer them. Or better yet let’s meet and talk about how your creative work can be better. My contact info is:

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