Thankful? For what?

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It’s that time of year once again. Turkey Day is just a few days away. Halloween was scarcely over and the Christmas decorations and music were up and running. Thanksgiving is just becoming a blip on the holiday radar. It makes me sad to see it.

Does it get any worse than this?

Recently greed has become a national debate. This year I’ve been told that greed is a law of economics that can’t be denied and without it we will continue to have a faltering economy. I just can’t bring myself to even consider it. I was taught differently. I was taught to share. If I had two of something and somebody else had none I was to give one up. How many of you were taught that? A lot of you I bet. Yet, year after year as we accumulate more and more we seem to need more and more and we’re less and less happy.

Gone are the days when good strong families were raised in small tract homes with one car, one TV and one bathroom. Today if you don’t have at least a three-car garage, a media-room complete with big screen TV and a bathroom for every bedroom you are deprived. How can this be? The people that built this country lived in one-room cabins, sod houses, and at times tents, just to enjoy their freedom and a chance at a better life.

In my case, though the economy has been bad for a while, I am enjoying more wealth than I have ever had in my life. Yet, I wish for more. More possessions, more money in the bank, newer car. Why would I want for anything? Human nature. The more you have the more you want. Greed. Looks like it does make the economy go. It’s a sad thing to have to admit.

How can the world become less greedy? It starts with us. We first have to change our outlook on life and stop trying to find happiness in things. Right now I’m talking to myself as well. Being at peace with yourself and the world doesn’t require one thin dime. Internal peace is free for the asking. All it takes is following three simple rules:

Consume Less
I didn’t say “buy” less I said consume less. Less water, less fuel, fewer things, produce less trash. By consuming less you will buy less. Recycle, reuse, repurpose. Find satisfaction in knowing that you are protecting your lifestyle for the next generation.

Give More
Not just of your money, but your time. When you help others who can’t help you back you set in motion a spirit of giving that reaches far and wide. Some call it paying forward. There seems to be a law that is very contrary to the greed “law” that says that the more you give the more you’ll have and the more at peace you will be.

Be Content
By being content with what you have you come to a peace that can’t be purchased. Now I didn’t say you can’t have anything more. That you can’t prosper. What I said is written in the Bible. I’ll paraphrase, “In what ever condition you find yourself be content.” By doing so you take the pressure off. You stop keeping up with the “Jones” and allow the blessings of life show through. Another thing will happen, you’ll become thankful for what you do have.

So take a moment during Thanksgiving Day next week to truly count your blessings. Don’t dwell on the bad economy, the loss you may have experienced this last year, or what you don’t have. Instead think about all the wonderful things you do have. If you have to compare, compare yourself to someone in a third world country that isn’t eating at a table weighted down with abundance, then look deep inside and be truly thankful.

I wish you and yours a very blest and thankful Thanksgiving filled with love and peace!

Are you a small business owner who counts his blessings? Do you understand that from the bad stuff of life can come good? Do you see the current economy as just the cocking of the gun for a great future just around the corner? Then I want to partner with you and help you tell your story to the world. My contact info is:

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