Building an Effective Website is Not Child’s Play

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Okay, you paid your nephew $50 bucks to build you one of those template websites. Now all you have to do is sit back and watch the customers flock to you. Well I hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t usually work that way. First off, there’s a lot more to marketing than throwing up a website. Second if the website isn’t well designed, have engaging content, and flawless in it’s ease of use, more people are going to move on to the next site on the list than stay long enough to know what you and your business are about.

Think of your website as a three-legged stool. Now mentally take one leg away. What happens? It falls over of course. It’s the same with your site. Think of the three legs as: design, content, and the actual coding that makes the site work.

Pulling a template off the web and plugging in your content doesn’t mean your site is designed. Instead of having a design that is unique to your site, you’ve adapted your site to somebody else’s idea of what design is. To be successful in business you have to set yourself apart from the competition. You have to stand out from the crowd. In this case the crowd of template websites. That can’t be done if you and your competition all look alike because you used similar templates for your sites. The potential client just sees a morass of gray as nothing stands out. You need a professional web designer to design a unique site that gives the customer the look and feel of who and what your company is and why you’re different from your competition.

Without engaging, well written content you will not grab and keep the attention of a potential customer. This is accomplished by hiring a seasoned professional copywriter. A copywriter has the necessary experience to know how to write content that will engage and hold the attention of a potential client. They also know how to weave keywords into the text so that search engines will pick up your site and give you more exposure. Just throwing some copy in that you wrote yourself or pulled from an old brochure will not do the job. Copy must be well thought out and for this you need a professional copywriter.

Off the shelf coding doesn’t always work for every application. It needs to be tweaked and tested just to begin to work right. By hiring a top-notch web developer you ensure that the viewer experience will be smooth and flawless. Links that don’t work, dead-ends, missing pictures or copy, frustrate the viewer. Most people using the web today don’t have the patience or the time for badly coded or barely working websites. They will just move on to your competition’s site, which is well coded and works.

Each of the above points is of equal value. Remember the three-legged stool? If you take just one of these points away the stool falls over. These three attributes are essential to building a successful website. Hiring professionals to build your website ensures success and doesn’t cost but pays a big dividend.

So tell your nephew you love him but that you’re going to hire seasoned professionals to design your website, but that he can design your family Christmas card if he’d like to.

Are you a small business owner needing a to update or build a new website? Give me a call and let’s discuss it. The first meeting is free as always. My contact info is:

Michael Irvin
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