Last Blog of the Year, Some Random Wishes

December 22, 2011 at 2:48 pm Leave a comment

I’m sure you are or will be overwhelmed with well wishes from family, friends and business associates. Not wanting to be left out I too, will give you my wishes for the coming New Year.

First off I wish/hope that the Mayans are mistaken and the world will not end next December. That would be a bummer. Not that there hasn’t been these predictions in the past (anybody remember Y2K?) True we as humans are messing up at an alarming rate lately but then there’s a lot more of us on this planet than there used to be. My wish is that in the coming year a vast majority of us start “getting it” and realize that if we would just practice love toward one another as every major world religion preaches, this planet would be a better place to live on.

In the coming year I wish the homeless to have homes, the starving to have food, and the unloved to be loved. Seems kind of vague I know but if all of us would try to help just one person this coming year with these needs, again the planet will be better off.

Another wish I have is that our family gets some rest from loss. My family has had a lot this year and we are a little worse for the wear because of it. But I want to go even further with this. May all of you who have had loss this year get a break this coming year. Loss is never a good thing; it can beat you down and use you up whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a job, or a home. May all of us have less loss in our lives and more happiness.

I wish blessings on the unblessed and hope for the hopeless. Believe me, there have been many times in my life that I have felt unblessed and hopeless. It’s not a good feeling. We can help others by gifting them with blessings and hope. Waiting on a higher power to do it while we stand by and watch is not how it works. That higher power works through us not without us to bless and give hope. This next year I wish that all of us would be the conduits from which flow blessings and hope to our fellow man.

I know this seems very generic, that you’ve heard these platitudes many times in many ways over the last few weeks. So bear with me as I spout one more cliché. I wish that we all would practice the spirit of this Season throughout the coming New Year. I wish that the peace, the love, the blessings; the hope that we share from Thanksgiving till Christmas/Hanukah will be with us, in us and around us for the next 365 days.

That is my wish list.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season; enjoy all the love and beauty it brings. May each and every one of you have the best New Year ever.


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