First Blog of the New Year, What’s Ahead?

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I didn’t make a resolutions list and I never do. They are usually broken within a few days because we are all human. My observation is that any structuring goes against basic human nature. If goal setting, or for that matter discipline in general, were easy we’d all be doing it. It’s easier for us to be able to direct others than it is to discipline ourselves on a personal level. I guess we can’t all be Peter Pan, some of us have to force ourselves to do things against our nature otherwise nothing would get done. So in that spirit I have made some mental goals as well as resolving to write them down soon so I don’t forget them. How about you?

Up till now I’ve lived my personal life basically without any real direction. Don’t get me wrong I’ve accomplished a lot but it’s been more about luck than planning. I’m sixty now so maybe it’s about time to get organized or perhaps it’s too late and I should just live out my life as I have to this point. After all it’s been a good life so far. True, there have been the thin spots along with the abundance. There have been good times as well as bad, but that’s life. I’ve loved, lost and lived to love again. I now have nine grandkids that are special to me and will carry on my legacy. So maybe just living out the next couple of decades taking things as they come is not such a bad way to go. Yet I have to wonder how much better life could have been with a little goal setting.

I think there is a lot to be said about setting goals—both long and short term. It’s a habit that many, many successful people swear by. They use the analogy of starting a trip or steering a ship. They argue the point that if you don’t have a destination in mind that you’ll never get there. I have to agree with these interpretations, but goal setting is so, so…structured and confining. After all I’m a creative person…I create. Creative people tend to live in the moment. Isn’t Life itself a journey making goals and destinations, too confining? Doesn’t that impede enjoying life to its fullest? Hold it a minute. I’m not Vincent Van Gogh. I can do this.

So, for a start, I’m going to try a short list of written goals this year both long and short term. I’m going to write a list out, put it where I can see it, and scratch off my accomplishments. I’m not going to make it too vague but I’m not going to make it too complicated either. I want it to be in plain simple language so that as I glance at it I can quickly see what my destination is. Hopefully as the year progresses and I get the hang of this goal setting thing I will add more.

Then at the end of the year I want to look over my accomplishments and see how I did with the goals. At that point I may decide that goal setting is a lot of bunk, or as I suspect, I will find that it gave me a little focus and direction in my life and I’ll do it again next year. Want to join me in my little experiment?

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season. I look forward to serving many new friends this year in whatever way I can. In fact making more new friends will be my first goal. If I can be of service to you, contact me.

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