“We Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself” FDR

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Fear can be a great motivator OR it can have a great paralyzing effect on us. President Franklin Roosevelt understood this and warned the American public about its effects. I would like to address several types of fear that are more insidious than any other fears. They not only prevent us from succeeding in our chosen profession but also can paralyze us to a point that we can’t function.

Fear of failure. As entrepreneurs we put ourselves on the line. Sometimes we put everything we have on the line, our money, our time, and our reputations. To fail and lose everything can generate a huge fear. This type of fear can keep us from taking the necessary risks to succeed.

Fear of lack of recognition. You work hard, you put in the long hours then somehow somebody else gets the credit. You gain nothing from you effort. You’ve wasted your time and effort for nothing. Nobody knows that you are the one who made it all happen. This fear keeps a lot of us from even trying in the first place. Why should we if we aren’t going to be recognized for our efforts? A wise man once pondered how much could a person accomplish if he didn’t care who got the credit. Doing something, building something, inventing something for the pure pleasure of accomplishment should be enough. Recognition is the icing on the cake.

Fear of the unknown. This fear keeps many a small businessperson up all night. Because we cannot know the future we begin to fear it because we start writing “what if” scenarios in our minds. We project fear into our future. “What if the economy goes bad?” What if…what if…what if… It can prevent us from acting positively to create a good future for ourselves. A future we deserve to enjoy.

Fear of Success. This is the most paralyzing fear of all. We begin to succeed and something deep inside of us starts working against us because we don’t feel worthy of success. So we begin to self-sabotage ourselves. This usually occurs on a sub-conscious level that we are unaware of but it happens nonetheless. This fear can stop us in our tracks almost instantly if we don’t face it head on.

Remember this one thing: Fear doesn’t have to be our enemy. As I stated in the opening paragraph, fear can be a great motivator. Remember fear begins in the mind. It resides in our self-concept. How we see ourselves is the root of our fear. If we see ourselves as not worthy of success then fear will paralyze us. If we see ourselves as deserving and worthy of success, then fear can be our friend, our motivator to overcome the obstacles of business and life. Bottom line: We can let fear defeat us or we can use it as a tool by controlling it. It’s our choice.

Do you fear marketing, branding, advertising? Is it because you see these as unknowns? I will gladly sit down with you and show you how to overcome fear of the unknown by showing you there is nothing to fear. As always the first meeting is free.

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