How Likeable are You as a Business Person?

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I’ve talked in the past that as a small business owner you are your brand ( You decide what your brand represents and stands for. Now it’s time to drill down a little deeper. As a business brand how likeable are you? Do people enjoy patronizing your establishment? Is their experience a positive one that makes them want to come back?

We as business people all want the ideal customer. We want to attract positive people who will enjoy our products/services. Customers that will return time and time again to do business with us. So how to we attract such people?

Smile, a lot Now I’m not talking of walking around with a phony smile plastered on your face like the Cheshire Cat. I’m talking about a sincere, “glad to see you” smile. The kind of smile that you would give your grandmother when you haven’t seen her in a while. A sincere smile is inviting and makes the customer feel welcome in your establishment. You as the business owner must lead the way for your staff by smiling not only for the customer but for them as well. They must be trained in the importance of smiling and being welcoming.

Be approachable and friendly Always be willing to stop what you’re doing and answer a question or help a customer. Whether it is in person or on the phone never make the customer feel like he/she is imposing on you. Customers want to feel that they are important to you. You make them feel important by giving of yourself and time. This small sacrifice will pay off big in return business and loyalty.

Customers trust their friends No, this doesn’t mean that you will socialize personally with each and every client. What this does mean is that you will treat each and every customer (even the hard cases) as a friend by giving them outstanding service and attention. By establishing a business friendship with your customers you earn their trust. Trust leads to loyalty and repeat business.

Be thankful for their business Thanking your customers for their business and showing appreciation both in words and actions solidifies the transaction. I’m not talking here about the obligatory “thank you” as you hand them their change or finish a transaction. I’m talking about a sincere (there’s that word again) expression of thanks. If you are thankful in your heart for their business it will show in your body language and facial expressions. If you feel that they “owe” you their business you will eventually have none.

How likeable you are as a business owner means the world to the success of your business. Think for a moment the business you frequent. Which ones are memorable to you? Is it the one where the surly clerk nearly bit your head off when you asked him a question? Or was it the store where the salesperson took the time to not only tell you which isle the product you where looking for was it but escorted you there while showing interest in your project? Are you that guy? You can be.

If you are likeable or understand the need to be, I want to work with you and help you get you message out in a well-planned advertising and marketing campaign. Give me a call and let’s have a friendly conversation.

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