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Last year we lost a true visionary, Steve Jobs. He didn’t have a degree, didn’t start work in the corporate sector and work his way up. He and his friend, the “Woz”, started out with an idea in a garage and truly grew a business. He didn’t do it by taking over an existing business and selling off its assets or by buying someone else’s idea and marketing it. He knew what he wanted to do and he did it no matter what the cost, no matter what the hardship. When Steve was ousted from Apple in the 90’s, Apple began to fail, when he came back it became the largest and wealthiest company on the planet all because he had vision.

Past Visionaries
In the past our country has had the pleasure of nurturing many visionaries and visionary thinkers. Einstein changed the way we look at the Universe and made us a nuclear power. Edison invented moving pictures, the phonograph, and so many other items that we take for granted today. Items, that had they not been invented, we wouldn’t have 3D movies, the iPod, and so many other day-to-day items we take for granted. Edison had vision. So did Henry Ford. Though he didn’t invent the automobile he did invent the assemble line, the cast in one V8, mass production, and higher wages. He knew that if he didn’t pay his people enough to buy his product that he would limit his market and thus his profits. It’s these kind of visionaries that built this country into a great one. It was vision that prompted Jefferson to purchase the Louisiana Territory. It was vision that gave us the telephone, wireless communication, and the ice cream cone.

We need visionaries now more than ever
Other than Steve Jobs and a handful of others we have traded greed for vision. We as a nation have embraced the status quo so much that we fear change and innovation. As long as we have our big screens, smart phones, air conditioning, and other creature conveniences and comforts we are fine the way things are. Fortunately for us Edison, Einstein, Bell, Tesla and others weren’t satisfied with a status quo. They spent their lives constantly working to bring their visions to reality. We like our gadgets but are upset when the cost of energy continues to go up. We need visionaries to solve that problem.

We need dreamers and thinkers who will look at the world differently and come up with solutions to the myriad of problems we face daily. We are reaching a crisis in our economy, our global economy, and the environment, in agriculture, culture and our morality. We need new ideas, new ways of thinking about things, new processes to solve problems. We need that guy in his garage working late into the night to come up with the next new technology. The guy who will start a new industry, employ hundreds, and generate millions in revenue. We need an army of them and fewer large corporations.

Let’s nurture that guy
In the past that guy could start a business on a shoestring with just an idea and his perseverance. Today it takes much more. Besides the gauntlet of regulations and laws there’s the need for venture capital, a business plan, marketing, the list is endless. All of this takes time and money. It’s time to streamline that process from idea to market. It’s time to nurture the solo entrepreneur. It’s time to stop looking out for the big guy and start looking out for the little guy, because they are the ones we need now. The big guys are too lumbering, too slow and too greedy to respond to market needs. We need the little guy in his garage who can turn on a dime and get his ideas to market in months and weeks instead of years and decades. We can support him by having his back. By supporting politicians that are friendly to the small entrepreneur. By holding our government responsible for making our business environment pro-visionary. We can start insisting on “trickle up” instead of “trickle down”.

Do you know people with vision? Are you one of them? If you are you are needed by your countrymen. We need your vision, your grit, and your determination to get this country back on its feet. If I can be of help, give me a call.

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