Tragedy Can Be Avoided if We Just Think

December 17, 2012 at 12:59 pm Leave a comment

My purpose in this post is simple. I just want to get people to stop a second and just think. I’ve heard the phrase over and over again, “when we make owning a gun criminal, only criminal’s will have guns.” On the surface one can certainly agree with this. Criminals will always be able to obtain a gun. However think about what happened Friday. Did the boy (barely of legal age) rob a bank? A liquor store? Did he have a history of committing crimes? Was he really a criminal or just insane?

No, he killed his Mother in a rage, drove to a school, forced his way in and shot 26 innocent people 20 of which were children. He used a weapon that was designed to be used in war, to kill enemies. It’s called an assault weapon not a hunting or sporting rifle. You don’t assault deer, you hunt them. This boy was insane not criminal. He was completely mad and committed a very evil act. How many criminals break into a school and shoot kids? They are motivated by greed and other emotions. Sometimes they can me insane but nonetheless I haven’t heard of too many criminals committing mass murder.

The weapons used were completely legal and the insane child was trained in their usage by his Mother at a gun range. There is more wrong with this than just the type of weapon. There are many, many issues that need to be addressed. Why his Mother thought she needed these in her home we may never know. Why she wanted her child who had mental problems, to put it lightly, to know how to use them is way beyond my understanding.

We need to face how our country deals with the emotional ill. As a Father who has recently gone through the death of an adult son due to untreated mental illness, I have seen first hand how lacking it is. We need to look at how violent our society has come. Fortunately we are starting to wake up about certain sports and head injuries, but we can do more. We need to teach our children better. We need to address so much that causes an event like this. We can do this.

I’m not against anyone who hunts, target practices or is so fearful for their safety that they feel they need a small handgun for protection. I believe they should legally be able to purchase a gun. On the other hand, just as I wouldn’t want my neighbor having a bazooka or flame thrower, I really don’t want him/her to have a high powered, mobile, killing machine that can sling hundreds of bullets a minute around my neighborhood. Especially if he is a law abiding insane person.

If highly trained police officers can accidentally shoot innocent unarmed civilians in the heat of the moment, who among us with a couple hours of safety training can truly guarantee we won’t pull our legally registered weapon in anger?

I’m sure I’m going to be called every name in the book. I’m sure many will think of me as a communist and want me to go live in Europe. That’s fine, you’re never going to get it. We have to stop allowing our children and other innocent people from being murdered in our schools, movie theaters and shopping malls and we need to address ALL the reasons that cause it.
The Connecticut State Trooper they interviewed said that it was their quick response that saved many lives. Had they taken a bit longer there would have been many more deaths. Think how many more would have been saved if this kid only had a couple of revolvers or a nine clip automatic. Just think about it, please. And I hope above all hope that if you are on who thinks we should have the right to own assault weapons that you never have to bury your six year old son or daughter whose been shot by one.


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