Just How Great Would Things Be If…

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Several years ago I came across an idea that someone was promoting in the media. I can’t remember where, when or what was the circumstances concerning the idea I just remember the idea itself. It was profound. Since then it has come in and out of my consciousness a lot. So I’ll share it with you. It has a lot to do with not just how we conduct our personal lives put how we do business in this world.

“In everything thing you do, think of how it will affect the children.” There it is, plain and simple. No 2000 pages on how to treat the children, no law or mandates made by lofty governments, no commandment written in stone, just a simple sentence that can change the world.

I taught my boys to take everything to its logical conclusion before making a decision or taking an action. In other words think things through, or “look before you leap.” So I will encourage you to do the same with this simple premise. Think it through. I have done a lot of thinking about this over the last few years since I heard this so here are some of my thoughts:

How will my action(s) affect the children? Let’s say you’re going to design and market a product. You have a great idea and you know it will make you millions, especially if you cut some corners and go for cheap. Just how will it affect the children? Will your desire for money cloud your thinking? Will you put in jeopardy little innocent lives for your own self-interest? Or will you do everything in your power to make sure your product is safe even for the tiniest baby? Will you design safe cars, homes, infant seats, baby beds, etc.? Or will you depend on the government policing to catch you and make you recall your defective product AFTER its harmed and maimed?

How does my advertising affect the children? Does your advertising depend on sex, violence and/or stupidity to sell your product? Then you might rethink your product. Are you teaching children bad ideas with your advertising? Are you using your advertising to manipulate little minds into buying your product? If it’s a product targeted to adults, do you make sure your message is acceptable for a general audience? In other words are you affecting children in a positive way, showing them how to consume responsibly?

How does my example as a businessperson affect the children? As a businessperson are you the pillar of your community. Is the word “honest” used to describe you? Are you professional and businesslike in your behavior? Do you practice that behavior around the clock? Do you avoid being a hypocrite, liar, cheat? Do you avoid talking out of both sides of your mouth just to make a sale?

If you will really think about these three points you will see that what is good for the children is actually very good for business. If you can visualize the children watching every decision and move you make you will begin to realize how important it is for business people to set the proper example for our children. After all they will be the business owners of tomorrow. What you do today will shape the future. Think about it.


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