Tragedy Can Be Avoided if We Just Think

I’m not against anyone who hunts, target practices or is so fearful for their safety that they feel they need a small handgun for protection. I believe they should legally be able to purchase a gun. On the other hand, just as I wouldn’t want my neighbor having a bazooka or flame thrower, I really don’t want him/her to have a high powered, mobile, killing machine that can sling hundreds of bullets a minute around my neighborhood. Especially if he is a law abiding insane person.

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Some Pre-Christmas Thoughts

I’m now officially in my 60’s. Though I hope to have a couple of decades to go, life can turn on a dime as I know from experience. My task now is to comfort my wife and be there for her every moment as she fights, no, conquers cancer.

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It’s That Time Again, Time To Be Thankful

So as you can see there is so much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day holiday. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to find something. I will leave you with this one wish: May we all continue to be thankful throughout the coming year and love one another.

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To My Son, After His Passing

You were the dutiful son, the one who wanted to please. Quietly you would work hard, and amaze me with what you could accomplish even at an early age. I was so proud when I took you to work at age 12 and my boss told me how you were outworking the adults. True, I found out much later that you weren’t the saint I thought you were but I was still proud.

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A Father’s Lament

I wish had had some special power over my son to get him to help himself. On some level I know I failed him.

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The word I thought I would never hear…Cancer

Do I want my wife to have cancer? Hell no. Will I embrace it? In time.

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How To Talk To Your Creative Partner

How you talk to these important partners is vital to getting the most out of them. As one I know. I perform so much better when I understand the goals and directions of the company I’m working for.

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